At Cascentualtherapy we have a thing for wellness. Each treatment is designed to have a wellness benefit. Overtime I came to notice some treatments becoming more requested than others. Here are the 3 most popular and requested treatments and each benefits: 


This treatment uses an option of a natural coconut lime scrub or oatmeal and honey scrub to gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin while using steam to open the pores and provide even more relaxation. Finished off with some warm towel compressions and a light massage using luxurious oils. This treatment leaves your skin feeling supple, hydrated and polished. 


Hot Stone treatment is a type of massage therapy. The stones are used in a deep full body massage to penetrate into the skin tissues and get deeper to ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues. The benefit is to loosen your muscles and create a deep sense of relaxation


A mental cleanse and detoxification. This includes a relaxing session with steam and essential oils lingering the air following a guided meditation and massage in the scalp, head and neck working to relieve pressure and tension. This treatment is perfect for anyone that has trouble sleeping or just need release tension in the mind. 

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